Nathan Beck

On set a quick photo shoot at lunch

Visa pay wave ad I did ,I designed /built the set and had the main roll skating too

Nutra grain glow in the dark skate park we built team Revoution

Little trip out west 

A clip I made for revolution 

Colorado trip was great went out for the Dave Tuck invite king of the snake run.

Got to skate a lot of good parks too 

R.I.P DAVE  lots of love

My extensions down at bondi

I came up with this idea when I did my mcl and meniscal in colorado 2012. I  started building it when I couldn’t skate after the operation. Do everything design , build it , paint , skate it and film. 

I want to skate bigger and gnarly stuff it worked good & more is to come.

This is one clip

Kyle slams gnarly skating

Mcegg in the practice up to the pro tec poolparty 2013 
stoked on this boards Pocket pistols printed up! on my last day in the states 

Great event at the King of the snake run, great people , great skate spots in beautiful colorado too

Fun day with the brazilians skatings pools